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Our philosophy is simple - we believe in connecting people from around the world to quality products from India. Quality products that are made under fair conditions and that support a local social development cause in different parts of India (a school that provides free education to tribal youth or a rural initiative that support women entrepreneurs through self-help groups).

We believe in sharing Indian products (especially the much sought after high quality linen products) with the rest of the world. We enjoy working with large retailers just as much as we do working with the smaller boutiques around the world. We believe that the best way to support India is to work with those who not only support fair trading practices but also demand it. Additionally, we believe that working with anyone who is local is not the same as working with someone who is passionate about quality, who has an eye for aesthetic design and who is always on the hunt for unique and special products. Finally, we believe that the best way to make Indian products meaningful is to tell the stories behind the products (please follow-up on Facebook and/or on Twitter) and to support local sustainable initiatives that are helping to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged Indians.

Did we say, our quality Indian products are mission driven!?